This connection of everyone with lungs

December 4, 2002
Embedded deep in our cells is ourselves and everyone else.

Going back ten generations we have nine thousand ancestors and going back twenty-five we get thirty million.

All of us shaped by all of us and then other things as well, other things such as the flora and the fauna and all the other things as well.

When I speak of yours thighs and their long muscles of smoothness, I speak of yours cells and I speak of the British Embassy being closed in Kenya and the US urging more aggressive Iraq inspections and the bushfire that is destroying homes in Sydney.

And I speak of at least one dead after rioting in Dili and the arrest of Mukhlas, and Sharon’s offer of 40 percent of the West Bank and the mixed results of Venezuela’s oil strike and the overtures that Khatami is making to the US.

Utdrag fra en poetry collection book skrevet av Juliana Spahr. Dette var en av de jeg likte best i Poetry & Politics faget som vi har hatt nå i høst.

This connection of everyone with lungs

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