What could have been

Some people leave footprints in our lives. They have left us with something, either if it is laughter, good conversations, some sort of connection, physical attraction, or heartache and disappointment. They were there for a reason. Or at least I like to think that they were. To maybe teach us something about ourselves or the world we live in. To move us forward. To prepare us for something. Some of them came at the wrong time. If the timing was different then maybe the relationship would’ve been different. It was already meaningful just as friends. – What could have been – It is so strange to think about. What could have been if the timing was different, between you and that other person. Either way, I cherish the people I’ve met in my life. They have shaped the person I am, and they’ve got me to the people in my life right now. But sometimes it hurts to think about everything that once was, or could have been different.

What could have been

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